Thursday, 14 January 2010

menerima hakikat


Today is my birthday :). I'm 31 years old (in case you don't know). Malam tadi MK tidur agak lewat just to wait for the clock to hit 12.00am. Not that I over excited ke apa, but tak mau phone tu bising bising with the ringing sound & the beep beep sound of the calls or sms'es from precious friends. Nanti terjaga pulak 2 beradik tu yang dah kena paksa tidur pukul 10.30pm tadi. hiks..

Well this year I'm looking forward for my birthday. Compared to last year, maybe I was in denial stage that I am in my third decade of life already. ppffttt....

To all my beloved friends (just to name a few); Matun my Love, Emmot, Moie, Iqma Bebeh, Nin, Diana A, Mimi, Cath, Chics, Intan A, Justin, Lily, Lin Cas, my bro Ameng, Erid, Fatti my twin sister (today is her b'day too), Adlin, K.Finas, Nik Faisal, Chikong Darling, Nalinee, G-No, Abg Zaheed, Sha Ishak, Long Zura, Ayu, Kak Nita & Emon (the list will goes on - as I'm typing this) who has called, texted, emailed and whatsoever, I thank you. A LOT!!!!

Terasa disayangi (wipe tears). Emmot for instance - texted me at 12.15am last night hoping that she will be the first one to wish. awww how sweet. I love you munchkin!! Nin, Iqma & Ameng - wished me early in the morning at 6.00 something. Knowing that Iqma is not a morning person pun 'terasa diriku begitu berharga (Loreal). While Ameng pulak siap tahan mata takmo tidur since last night just to wish me at 8.00am just now.

Well of course not to forget the important person in my life - PakMir & my family Ibu, Ayah & siblings. Abg Lon' bangun pagi-pagi tadi dengan air liur basi & muka gembira meloncat sebab he does not wets his pants (dia dah tak pakai pampers tidur malam) tiba-tiba ckp "happy birthday Ibu" - and lari-lari to hug me without his pants sebab dia baru je pergi toilet.

Just when I thought I only have like 4 good friends. But today I realized that I have MORE than that. Thanks a lot darlingsssss... I'm really happy today. Owh - yesterday my colleagues celebrated my birthday jugak. Ada pizza & black forrest cake. Dah bertahun-tahun tak tiup lilin, semalam kena tiup lilin banyak pulak tu. nasib baik tak menyembur air liur..hehe..

Hoping for the best!!!

p/s - hmmm rasanya dah lama jugak tak dapat present - *Hi Hubby*


-dal- said...

Happy Birthday MK... may all ur wishes come true. muah muah

MK said...

Thanks K.Dal!!! Muahs balik