Friday, 2 May 2008

Another Man in My Life

 1st pic of Ar-Rayyan Zikri... macho baby boy in pink blanket...huaarghhh ngantuknye
 peace peace konon...sakit tau tak!!!

 girlfrens yang memang dinanti kedatangannye kat hospital

Tidur lagi ZzzZZzzz

he's still my favourite boy tho

another man in my life

sleepy heads... brothers in action

Bayong nak kawin ke?

Hello world!!

how do you handle 3 boys?? you don't...they will handle u!! sobb..sobb...
tak suke..tak suke..dok dalam car seat!!

i still love him dearly... (last pic before delivered ryan)

Ok puan-puan... ini le dia my new baby. Hopefully Ryan will be as good as Bayong'. Entah bila la dapur MK nak berasap lagi. Bawang pun tak ade kat umah tuh..hahahah..

Penat? Penat jugak... but can't imagine my life without my boys.. and.. i'm glad to be the one & only girl yg disayangi in our family...hiks...

Thanks for all the wishes ladies...

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